CAMCO’s Employee Screening Process:

CAMCO has created a multi-step process to screen potential employees before they can perform
services for CAMCO customers. The process is designed to filter qualified potential service
professionals with appropriate backgrounds in compliance with applicable law, to join the CAMCO
The potential employee must provide detailed personal information. He/She must provide their full
name, address, date of birth, social security number, and a valid form of identification and validate
their applicable cleaning services experience.
CAMCO verifies the potential employee’s identity. CAMCO requires the potential employee to
submit a photograph, along with a copy of photographic identification. CAMCO utilizes both
VeriFirst and ShuftiPro, identification and background check & verification companies, to match the
photographs and confirm the integrity of the identification documents.
The potential employee then submits to a background check. CAMCO currently uses a third-party
background check provider, VeriFirst, to conduct background checks. No potential employee is able
to provide any services for CAMCO customers until the background check is completed. VeriFirst's
comprehensive pre-employment and post-hire background checks are guaranteed to help CAMCO
decrease corporate liabilities, promote a drug-free environment and prevent theft, violence and
VeriFirst’s Background Check Process
VeriFirst, a third-party background check provider accredited by the National Association of
Professional Background Screeners, conducts a record search which looks back at least seven years
or longer in other jurisdictions when permitted by applicable law and available records. VeriFirst
specifically conducts the following checks and searches:
- IDENTITY VERIFICATION: Social Security Number (SSN) verification is the most efficient way to
verify a potential employee’s identity. If an identity cannot be verified, the VeriFirst system alerts
CAMCO to request additional documentation.
- ADDRESS HISTORY: VeriFirst’s Identity Check includes a trace of all known domestic addresses
over the past seven years. Based on this information, VeriFirst searches relevant court jurisdictions
for the same time period.
Criminal Records Check
- COUNTY CRIMINAL RECORDS CHECK: VeriFirst performs direct searches of county court records.
Results include felony and misdemeanor criminal cases as well as, charges, disposition, dates and
sentencing information.
- NATIONAL CRIMINAL RECORDS CHECK: This check scours over 30 million records and is run
concurrently with the county criminal records check.
- GLOBAL WATCHLIST CHECK: This check searches known domestic and international terrorist
watchlists as well as the records of the Office of Inspector General (OIG), Excluded Parties List (EPL)
and additional domestic and international agency lists.
- SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY CHECK: VeriFirst searches registries for every state. In certain states,
the information publicly available does not include all registered sex offenders and may not include
all out-of-state sex offenders, depending on variations in state law.
Review & Activation
CAMCO reviews the background checks in compliance with applicable law before determining
whether an applicant should be invited to join the CAMCO team.
When it comes to screening, every system has its flaws. That is because no background system in
the U.S. is one hundred percent accurate. This is true even of fingerprint-based or DNA-based
background checks.
For example:
The National Instant Criminal Background Check (“NICS”) system used to approve or deny potential
gun buyers is often incomplete. This is because each state has different rules on what records to
keep, how to store them, and what to report to the NICS. Each state passes different laws that
restrict the information made available through the background check process. For example,
California’s Live Scan database is made available to screen people working with the elderly, disabled
or children. Despite this, California’s Live Scan system does not report all criminal history and is
often incomplete.
Furthermore, the FBI is not a complete source of all criminal history records in the United States.
According to the Washington Post, the outcomes of many criminal cases often are not reflected in
the FBI’s records. A 2006 U.S. attorney general’s report estimated that half of the FBI’s arrest
records did not include disposition information.
CAMCO reviews its decision to work with partner companies on a quarterly basis so that it stays on
the forefront of ID verification and background screening tools and technologies, thus minimizing
the risk of encountering possible limitations as described above.